Solar Cap® Construction

No other cookware can match Lifetime® Cookware's 12 Element Solar Cap® construction. This outstanding design allows for perfectly even heat distribution, eliminating "hotspots" on the pan during cooking.

Lifetime® Cookware offers you the combined advantages of several metals -- in one.

  • Durable, long lasting stainless steel inside that resists pitting, cracking, and chipping.
  • Carbon steel core to absorb and retain heat evenly across the cooking surface.
  • Stainless steel outside... inherently beautiful to look at and wear-resistant.
  • Solid aluminum sheet bonded to the bottom of each utensil absorbs and gently spreads heat evenly for perfectly cooked foods.
  • Aluminum alloy is brazed to the bottom of the aluminum sheet, ensuring even more even heat distribution.

Stainless Solar Cap® Construction... this unique feature assures you of the distinctive capabilities found only in Lifetime® Cookware