Liquid Core® Skillets

The perfect utensil for roasting, stir-frying, sautéing,
pan-broiling ... You can even bake a cake!

  • Sealed-in liquid oil core spreads heat evenly along the entire cooking
    surface ... no more "hot spots"!
  • Gleaming stainless steel inside and out for ease of cleaning
  • Elegant buffet-style design is perfect for serving family meals or when entertaining
  • Completely immersible and dishwasher safe (with heat control removed)
  • Adjustable heat control maintains accurate temperatures from warm to 425° F (218° C)
  • Heat control features handy temperature guide and variable heat settings
  • Buffet-style, heat resistant side handles for easy handling
  • Available in 11” (28 cm) and 12.5” (30 cm) diameters