Cookware Overview

This Lifetime® Cookware Overview provides a summary of all the unique features and benefits of our products.

Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Outer Surfaces

Every surface that touches your food is high grade stainless steel. This means all your food touches only the most sanitary and easy-to-clean metal available. As detailed in the Solar Cap® diagram (link), your food will never touch an aluminum surface. There is no need to worry about chemical reactions with acidic foods, or tasting the last meal you cooked in an iron pan. You can use metal utensils in your Lifetime® Cookware without fear of scratching the surface off. There is no 'surface' to scratch off, just smooth, clean, stainless steel guaranteed for your lifetime.

Click for Solar Cap DiagramQuality for Life Construction

Scientifically designed to give you maximum cooking performance, Lifetime® Cookware not only functions at top efficiency year after year in your kitchen, but protects the food's flavor and nutritional content. Lifetime's® 12 Element Solar Cap® construction (link) can offer you the combined advantages of several metals in one

Gentle, Even Heat Distribution

The secret of good cooking lies in the ability of the utensil to conduct heat gently and evenly. Two of the metals inside Lifetime® Cookware -- aluminum and carbon steel -- provide efficient heat conductivity. The carbon steel and aluminum inside the base absorbs heat from the range unit, then transfers it evenly across the cooking surface of the utensil. The carbon steel core between the stainless layers provides additional heating efficiency in the bottom of the pan, then carries heat up the side walls and through the cover.

Durable, Heat-Resistant Handles and Knobs

Gracefully contoured handles and cover knobs are crafted of durable phenolic for ease in holding and lifting. Equipped with stainless steel flame guards, handles and knobs remain cool for safe handling and will withstand oven temperatures up to preheated 350 degrees Farenheit.