Cooking Tips

With Lifetime® Cookware there is a whole new world awaiting you. Because of Lifetime® Cookware's unparalleled construction, you can use little to no water when cooking vegetables to retain their nutrients and natural flavor. Meats can be pan broiled with no added grease -- and some even lose fat during cooking, such as chicken.

This section is designed to help current owners of Lifetime® Cookware make the most of their sets by offering a wide array of tips and tricks. You might be surprised at the variety of uses for your Lifetime® Cookware set. Email us your own tricks and shortcuts, and don't forget to visit our recipes section for more great ideas.

Save heat and dishes -- use the steamer/grater rack inside of the 6 or 8 Qt. Dutch oven to hold the double boiler insert. Place frozen vegetables, leftovers, or any other food you need to heat through inside the double boiler insert and cover with the dome cover.

Use the Electric skillet with dome cover to pop your popcorn (no oil needed!), then invert the dome cover to use as a serving bowl.

When pan broiling meats, fish or poultry in the oil core skillet or a stove top unit, you can place the steamer/grater rack (11" or 12.5" depending upon the unit) inside the unit and place vegetables or potatoes on the rack and cover. Most vegetables will cook in 10-15 minutes, depending upon the size and thickness.  This can save you energy and clean-up by only using one pan instead of two (or three)!